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Innovation Tournaments® - researched and effective

Project and procurement planning is creative work that includes problem-solving, data collection, sharing and analysis, and the creation of new information in workgroups of varying sizes. The method designed for the joint development of innovations is also excellently suited for the implementation of project or procurement planning.

Innovation Tournament® is a Finnish, scientifically researched and developed management method for participatory service design competitions. The method is based on the results of research projects led by Mikko Järvilehto *. It helps to solve complex challenges in an efficient and playful way.

With the help of the Innovation Tournament®, you can

1. Find innovative solutions for the selected development site

2. Create better products and/or services

3. Develop and create cooperation

4. Gain new customers and make a positive impact on existing ones

5. Create cost savings

6. Develop the brand in the desired direction

7. Improve leadership, interaction and communication

8. Develop professional skills

9. Increases work motivation

10. Find better ways to work

Innovation Tournament® is a researched INCLUSIVE, MOTIVATING and EFFECTIVE method for solving joint problems.

* Järvilehto M, Similä J, Liukkunen K. Active Innovation — Case Study In Smart Exercise Environments: Comparing Traditional And Experimental Innovation Methods. International Journal of Innovation Management. 2010 Jun; 14 (03): 449-70.

The Innovation Tournament service includes: Contributions from the Tournament Director and Assistants, Communication Plan, Software Utilization, Materials and Prizes and Event arrangements

We have already established Innovation Tournaments for the following organizations and industries, among others;

  • Polar Electro - Wellness technology - Future Gym concepts and use cases in sports technology R&D

  • Destia Corp. - Environmental infrastructure construction - Create new horizontal businesses from existing vertical services solutions in infrastructure building business.

  • Verve - Wellness technology - Future Rehabilitation concepts and use cases in health association

  • University of Oulu - University governance - Strategic planning of the Virtual Campus -programme in University

  • City of Helsinki - Education - Future Learning Center concepts for the City of Helsinki

  • Tekes - National Technology Investments - Strategic planning of the learning Environment -Tekes programme

  • HealthEx - Wellness technology - Diverging business cases in the wellness business

  • City of Oulu - Public business consulting - Future business services in the merger process of three different public organisations + strategy

  • Palmia - Property management - Diverging business cases in public realty management business

  • Semat - Networks - Project management for heavy industries Diverging business cases in Future Project management business

  • City of Helsinki - Education - Management training, cross-function service design in eight strategic public processes

  • Oulun Yritystakomo - Business accelerator - Start-up Business case development based on everyday living

  • Ramboll - Environmental infrastructure construction - Conceptual design and recruiting

  • 3StepIt - IT Services - Find new service business models for IT devices

  • Fortum -Energy - Find new partnership models for the energy sector

  • Aalto University - Property management - Business concepts for future living services

  • Autodesk/DISC - Design software - New business concepts for design utilizing collaboration, social media and cloud

  • Protomo - Incubator - New business and business development for Baltic startups

  • Aalto/Microsoft Software - Marketing planning

  • Aalto/Blancco Software - Customer satisfaction

  • Aalto/Symbio Software - Future Appstudio

  • Aalto/Basware Software - New business models

  • Latvian incubators Incubator - New business and business development for Baltic startups

  • The University of Oulu Science - Science engagement with high schools

  • Symbio - Software - HRD system and organization

  • PPY ry - Lobbyist - Internationalization services

  • DIGILE Oy - High Tech - Strategic planning of the new program

  • University of Oulu - CIE Science - 3D commerce

  • Valteri - Edtech - Virtual services

  • Helsinki Education Hub - Edtech - Innovation hub kickstart

  • City of Helsinki - Employment - Innovative employment services

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