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Public RFP's


The data analytics produced by Impakt is based on public sector procurement data collected from the EEA region. We use a database enriched with artificial intelligence, which contains 4 million award notices, 6 million tender requests and just under a million companies.

From the database developed by Impakt, information can be searched in all 24 official languages of the EU region. Searches include award notices with detailed information about:

  • buyers

  • winning vendors

  • contract descriptions

  • contract values and lengths

  • award criteria, and much more

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Our Clients - Ladec

Ladec is a key developer of a zero-emission transport clusters. Our data and analysis provide Ladec's partner companies with important information on export opportunities and the state of the market in Europe.


Our report enables Ladec to identify the most influential industry players, and use benchmarking data to support and justify its procurement approach.


Utilizing the analysis, Ladec will be able to accelerate trade in its own traffic cluster. Information about changes in contract periods is a concrete example of how retrieved data enables new business opportunities to be found. 

Service Packages


Latest and best insights

​Our data platform digests millions of data points so that you always have the latest insights.


Fast turnaround

Because we already have the data and the ability to capture insights from it, you will get your answers quickly. 


Easy engagement

It is often hard to buy market research from consultants - you can’t be sure if they will be able to deliver. With us, it’ll be clear, fast and simple.

Deep dive - the details

For Qualitative deep diving and research for procurement

Everything included in Market Information Service, and extensive reports on

  • Data visualisations and presentation deck of the market

  • Deeper market understanding in a certain market - Procurements below the threshold value,  Interviews with selected buyers/experts about real procurement needs.

  • Getting unbiased insights from buyers/decision makers - what is the typical process, how will it be changing in the future

  • A workshop in which the acquired knowledge is further processed into a sales strategy and measures.

  • Creating warm intros to decision makers through local partnerships.

Our data analytics team will make a work estimate, based on the clients requirements. 

All Impakt Market Research Service packages include three phases: preparation with the customer, Implementation and reporting. 

Market information service 


​Overview of public procurement in the selected market area in Europe or the entire Eurozone. Prospect listings, winning supplier listings (e.g. for Partnership and B2B purposes) and contract analysis based on your selected category or market.


  • Assessing the actual financial information regarding the contracts made in your category 

  • Understanding who the public buyers are in the main sector and adjacent categories

  • Understanding who your main competitors are within your sector

Report delivery in 1 week.

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Our dedicated data team
for knowledge management


Mikko Järvilehto

Mikko Järvilehto has 15 years of research expertise as a special researcher in innovation management from the University of Oulu, the University of California and the Turku School of Economics. He has authored a total of 16 academic publications and 31 research project reports.


Otto Halminen

Otto is a student of economics and a data analyst as well as a junior software developer. He also works in the Impakt team in a junior business development role.


Olli Peura

Olli Peura is a full-stack developer and data scientist. Olli's areas of expertise include graph databases, software architecture and working with massive data sets. 

Our Clients

Ota Yhteyttä

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Mikko Järvilehto

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Data Analyst

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