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Impakt Market Research Service is based on procurement data collected from the EEA-region. Our AI-enhanced graph database contains 4 million public RFP’s, 6 million contracts and close to 1 million companies.

Impakt Market Research Service enables you to engage in innovative public procurement by establishing a clear view of the public procurements and investment trends in diverse product and service categories in the EEA-region.

Public RFP's


Latest and best insights

​Our data platform digests millions of data points so that you always have the latest insights.

Fast turnaround

Because we already have the data and the ability to capture insights from it, you will get your answers quickly. 

Easy engagement

It is often hard to buy market research from consultants - you can’t be sure if they will be able to deliver. With us, it’ll be clear, fast and simple.

Service Packages

All Impakt Market Research Service packages include three phases: preparation with the customer, Implementation and reporting. 

Optional add-on services to each package include Surveys, Interviews, Data Visualizations, or other report formats than standard .pdf -format. 

Company Essential


  • One search inquiry for a specific product or service category in one or more EAA country

  • Limited Data Processing

Deliverables include 

  • Total procurement volumes 

  • Total values in euros

  • Most common procurers or suppliers

  • List of contracts and their descriptions. 

Report delivery in 1 week.

Procurer Essential


  • Domain/Regional search for contract-type category in one or more EAA country

  • Flexible Data Processing

Deliverables include 

All included in Company Essential and

  • List of RFP’s and their descriptions

Report delivery in 2 weeks.


Everything included in Company and Procurer Essentials

  • Interactive Data visualizations  

  • Export report

  • CPV code and semantic analysis

  • Benchmarking

  • Data and/or Trend Analysis

  • Qualitative deep diving and research for procurement

Our data analytics team will make a work estimate, based on the clients requirements. 

Our dedicated data team
for knowledge management


Mikko Järvilehto

Mikko Järvilehto has 15 years of research expertise as a special researcher in innovation management from the University of Oulu, the University of California and the Turku School of Economics. He has authored a total of 16 academic publications and 31 research project reports.


Olli Peura

Olli Peura is a full-stack developer and data scientist. Olli's areas of expertise include graph databases, software architecture and working with massive data sets. 


Suvi Lehtonen

Suvi Lehtonen is a business development professional, innovation consultant and project manager with more than five years of experience, She is experienced on Data Analytics and analysis. 


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